Attacus Atlas 5 inch Frame Version 0.9 (Early Adopters Version)


If you purchase an Atlas frame early, you are part of the exclusive early adopters club. We appreciate you hopping on the Attacus Frame train! Take advantage of this phase of design and save some greenbacks. Also, we have some other special accessories in the works.

NOTE: If you are an early adopter and we make a serious design change, we will make sure that you get upgraded parts at no charge. In addition, because you are showing us your support we will make sure to replace any parts should you break them during the early adopters phase.

We are not in full production just yet and some things may change. Please allow 1-3 weeks lead time.

Countersunk Arms

Without countersunk holes you will need to attach foam to your arms to provide a smooth surface for a battery. We have a TPU printed solution if you prefer.

+ $11.00

Canopy TPU Color

Chamfered Arms

+ $19.00

TPU Battery Pad

This pad is great if you don’t want to use countersunk arms. This will give you clearance above the screw heads to have a nice smooth surface for your battery. You will get the same color as your canopy.

+ $5.00

Canopy Rear Antenna Mounting Options

Additional options total:
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Prop Size: 5 inch

Included Hardware: 3 Black Standoffs, Assorted Black M3 screws, TPU Canopy

Features: Quick change arms (FC screws pass through arms), 2 screw canopy removal, Micro and Full size camera mounting options built into the canopy

Arm Thickness: 4mm

Frame weight with screws and canopy (subject to change): 100 grams with no chamfer/countersink options

Additional information

Weight .06 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x .25 in


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